Being Green Begins With the Three “R’s”

As an FSC certified lumberyard, National Lumber is a leader in the green building materials industry. However, while green materials are a hot market right now, being built into a large percentage of new homes, the three “R’s” are as important as ever: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

While we are creating new materials that last longer and are made with significant amounts of pre-consumer recycled material, it is especially important that in our own lives that we strive to reduce waste, reuse whatever we can, and recycle whatever we can. Rather than buy new, whenever possible repair things that you have already. Buy locally whenever possible, since it reduces fuel and shipping costs. Our habits can be just as beneficial to the environment as new materials can be. Every little thing we do to be less wasteful and as efficient as possible will help.

The National Lumber website has a bevy of green information, including our specific green initiatives, our green manufacturing processes and operating methods. Our kitchen design division, Kitchen Views, has several green cabinetry lines and countertop materials, as well. With all these green initiatives, National Lumber is your New England source for green practices and building materials.

National Lumber Partnership for Green Initiatives

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