Home Energy Audits Really Save Money

Now that the cold weather has arrived, we’re all more aware of drafts in our homes. If you’ve recently received an outrageous home heating bill, you will really appreciate this information from Remodeling magazine:


Some clients may balk at paying for the audit, which usually costs between $300 and $500, but as Paul Eldrenkamp, who owns Byggmeister in the Boston metro area, says, “If they won’t spend $450 on an audit prior to us doing a significant amount of insulation work, then we feel it’s a good gauging device for their seriousness.” In other words, it’s a good way to ferret out clients — early in the process — who may not be a good fit. Eldrenkamp focuses on larger sustainability projects with clients who are mostly “true believers.”

What are the reasons that a proper home energy audit is necessary?

“The priorities of applied building science are health and safety, number one; comfort, number two; and energy efficiency, number three,” says Ed Voytovich, a former remodeling company owner and insulation contractor and now executive director of the Building Performance Contractors Association of New York State. Changing one part of the system will affect another, and remodelers need to learn how to avoid changes that could make a home unhealthy or dangerous. For example, air sealing and attic insulation may greatly improve energy efficiency in a leaky house and show the quickest return on investment, but without also providing for proper ventilation, tightening the envelope could trap noxious gases in the living space.”

Read the rest of the article above at http://www.remodeling.hw.net/green-remodeling/green-payback.aspx

After a proper home energy audit, you will know just what will improve your home’s atmosphere and energy efficiency. When you’re ready to insulate, contact Chris Kirouac at Pro Insulators for all your insulation needs. You can call him directly at 978-423-6051 or visit www.pro-insulators.com for more information.

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