Staircase Baluster Upgrades Made Easy

Crown Heritage has a new great way to add another profitable service to your remodeling business – upgrading balusters!

The Transformer System is a revolutionary way of upgrading staircase balusters, and it’s easy because you can replace the balusters without removing the newels and handrails. You can easily upgrade a staircase in one day! At last, the staircase can be added to the list of remodeling opportunities for your business!

See how easy it is! View the installation video at

For more information, see the Transformer System brochure on the National Lumber eShowroom or contact your local National Lumber retail store.

National Lumber


1 Response to “Staircase Baluster Upgrades Made Easy”

  1. 1 Al September 30, 2010 at 11:53 am

    Hi, I’ve been looking into replacing the balusters in my house and came across the Transformer System. I found your blog today and just wanted to pass along my input.
    I think this is a GREAT thing!!! We recently bought an old house and the stairs are not very good looking. With all the other upgrades we want to do (kitchen, bathrooms etc) I am so happy that we can also update our stair system without much work. Now our house can look fresh and “new.” I’m very excited about this!!!

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