Reliable Headers

Click here for a Reliable Headers Informational PDF

With rising fuel costs and the growing “green” movement, preventing winter heat loss and summer heat gain in buildings is something that concerns everyone. Usually, people think about R-values in windows, doors and wall insulation, but the components used in new framed structures should also be considered.

National Lumber offers insulated headers through its manufacturing division, Reliable Truss and Components. Reliable Headers allow for more energy efficient buildings plus increase productivity during construction. Time will be saved in the elimination of making headers on site and in site clean-up. When you consider there is one less on-site insulation area multiplied by the number of openings, this can be a substantial savings.

Reliable Headers are available with engineered lumber as well as dimensional lumber. Insulated headers can be precision cut so they arrive at the jobsite ready to install. Click here for an informational PDF flyer. Energy conscious builders can’t beat these headers when they want to save money and have the job done right.

For more information, contact Kevin Silveira at 508-998-7877 x3213 or via email at

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