Survey Says Americans Need Incentives for Energy Efficient Improvements

A national poll says that American homeowners need more incentives to make energy-efficient improvements, and currently these tax incentives have been sharply reduced. During the past couple of years, tax incentives have fueled many homeowners to buy replacement windows and doors, insulation, and energy-efficient appliances. With the change for 2011 in the tax code, these rewards have been drastically cut and homeowner interest in making such home improvement purchases has sharply declined. A quarter of those surveyed said that they would not have acted at all without the incentives. About seven percent were inclined to buy the more expensive and more efficient model because of the rebate. This means about a third of Americans wouldn’t have spent on any improvements without the rebates and incentives.

You can read more in the Home Channel News Article: “Poll: Americans need incentives to buy green

Learn more about the 2011 Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency on the National Lumber eShowroom.

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