Locating New Employees

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Locating New Employees for Your Company
by Maria Fratiello, PHR & Director of Human Resources
National Lumber, Mansfield, MA

Recruiting the best employees for your organization is an ongoing challenge. Position requirements need to be determined. Payroll costs for an additional employee need to be looked at. Additionally, a salary range for the position should be determined. Look at in-house employees first. Providing opportunities for current employees boosts morale and can make your current staff members feel appreciated. Your employees can also recommend candidates to your company. Try spreading the position availability throughout the industry. A company website is an effective way to attract potential employees. Your vision, mission, values, goals, and products can be portrayed. Create an employment section which describes your available positions and contact information. Post your available position on an Internet site* or local college job board. Consider using temporary staff** as a solution to “try a person out” in a position.

A key component in determining whether the candidate fits the company culture is conducting a job interview. Narrow down applicants to those whose skills and work histories match the job description. Pre-screen applicants over the phone to make sure candidates understand the job and salary range  this could save time and money. Select candidates to bring in for face-to-face meetings. Have a second member of management meet the finalists to get their opinions on who seems like the best fit for the company.

Pursue every avenue to assure that the person you hire can do the job and contribute to growth. Be sure they are interested in the position and are satisfied with the salary. Make certain the candidate agrees to participate in a drug screen, background check, physical (depending on the position), and provides references. (The job application should have a sign-off giving permission for this.) You can make the job offer contingent on the results. Anyone who has stated qualifications dishonestly or who fails to pass the checks should be eliminated as a candidate. Unfortunately, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

If you have any questions or comments, please email Maria directly at mfratiello@national-lumber.com

*Sites such as: www.employri.orgwww.careerworks.orgwww.craigslist.org

** Companies such as: Labor Ready, HW Temps, Monroe Staffing, East Coast Staffing

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