Contractors: Why Twitter or Facebook?

Question? Are we only talking to each other on Twitter? Does Facebook only keep you in contact with your own unique group? In essence, what do you as a business person get out of the effort? My initial list of reasons to be on social networking sites is below…

1. Connect in a personal way with present, former and hopefully future clients.
2. Social networking offers an opportunity to promote and collect ideas and opportunities.
3. It lets you see what others in your industry are doing.
4. People like to do business with people they know. Do Facebook and Twitter contacts view us as People They Know?
5. Does it really open up a window of opportunity? Or is it just something to cater to our egos and social instincts?

What do you think? Are you in fact getting any leads or business from your efforts? Or is it more for fun and incoming ideas and relationship building? Comments welcomed!

Steve Linsky
Marketing and Sales Specialist
Green Initiatives Coordinator
National Lumber

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