HIGH-Rim Insulated Rim Board from National Lumber

National Lumber’s new insulated rim board product, HIGH-Rim, provides greater R-values, as well as time and cost savings than comparable products on the market.

  • Helps your project meet Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code
  • R-11 Assembly
  • Insulates a difficult area in floor construction in one step
  • Meets APA PRR 401 for non-structural rimboard
  • Convenient pre-assembled 12 foot lengths
  • 3 1/2″ thick
  • In Stock Widths: 9 ½”, 11 7/8”and 14”

This product is available exclusively at National Lumber. To learn more, call a location near you or 1.800.370.WOOD. Ask about item numbers IR1012 and IR1212.

See a PDF flyer with a cross-section diagram of how HIGH-Rim works.

To learn more about our engineered wood products and services, visit www.national-lumber.com/engineering

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