National Lumber and Contractor Education: “Perfect Partners”

We run a very comprehensive training program for our contractor customers at National Lumber and will continue to do so. The program started in full swing when the new Repair, Remodel and Paint programs were first being implemented in early 2010. We have always tried to fit in some training in the past, but never as in-depth since the RRP (lead paint program) started. There seemed to be so much confusion over what it would all mean and how it would affect our customers that we saw a great need as did many others in the industry.

We decided to host and sponsor a series of seminars from that situation but new rules and regulations have just kept “popping up” ever since then. New OSHA regulations and fall protection requirements, updates to RRP and the Mass. DOS entry into the program, Energy Star programs, new International Code changes, stretch energy code updates for Massachusetts cities and towns, and the “Granddaddy” of them all, the new Contractor Supervisor’s License requirements for Continuing Education Credits! How were our customers going to manage all of this and still run their businesses?

In addition to the trade organizations and private training firms, we felt that it was our duty to assist our thousands of remodelers, builders, developers, painters and many others on our customer lists. We are now the largest lumber chain provider of contractor training in the Northeast with over 20 full or partial day classes having been held or scheduled through January and February 2012. With many more programs planned in the future, we will continue to host these programs throughout 2012.

We want our customers to know that we do this as a service and do not benefit financially from these programs. We feel that the effort we expend to run these programs is for the benefit of our customers (and any non-customers who would like to attend). If there are any folks out there that would like be added to our mailing lists of upcoming programs please sign-up for our email list, giving us your permission to send you our event updates.

Note that any costs associated with these classes are paid to the trainers directly to compensate them for their time, trainers and materials costs and for them to keep your certification records. If any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Steve Linsky, National Lumber’s Contractor Education Coordinator at

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