The Importance of Your Online Review

National Lumber explains the importance of leaving an online review

How many times have you researched a product to see if it is a quality item? How many times have you asked your family, friends, or maybe even the local coffee barista for a referral to a handyman, mechanic, electrician, etc.? Whether it’s a product or a service you’re in need of, by nature, you’ll do your research. We all do it because we want to make sure we are getting the best quality of something that we can afford. So where do you start?

In today’s digital age, the world of research is at your fingertips. For the sake of what we do here at National Lumber, we’re going to stay to the topics of building and remodeling. If you are planning to do some type of home remodel, you’ll research products to find what will be the best fit for you and your budget. You may use sites like, and for ideas, and then maybe visit actual product or retailer websites. From there, you may speak to others about finding a contractor and designer to work with. You’ll be looking for firsthand accounts from real people you know and trust, or you might search the web to find user reviews to help you narrow your search. This is where I want you to really think about your own review and why it’s so important.

Like you, so many others will go through this same process. You may not think to do it, but leaving your own remarks pertaining to your own experience will help others searching just like you, as well as the service or product providers. Today’s economy has created a fiercely competitive business environment, with companies eager to please their customers. At the same time, it’s easier than ever for consumers to air their grievances. User reviews give you an idea as to whether a product will benefit you, or if the service providers nearest you are reputable.

Sites such as and can offer substantial information since the reviews submitted go through a thorough verification process to help confirm their validity, therefore making the review a more trustworthy source. These sites also act as a forum for remediation if a user posts a negative review about a company or service. That provider may be notified of the negative experience, allowing them to reach out to the customer to try to rectify the dissatisfaction. Ultimately, any business strives to keep its customers and clients happy, though sometimes things can go awry. This is usually when a person will write a review warning others of what went wrong. How about when things go right? If you’re happy, tell the world. If you’re not, tell us!

Your opinion matters and your glowing review of the new addition to your home, or your kitchen designer, or your freshly painted home exterior may just be the one to help someone else make their decision in their research process.

You are important and your opinion matters!

The National Lumber family wishes you and your family a safe, healthy and fun Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day!

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