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Massachusetts Energy Code Updates

On July 19, 2016, Massachusetts completed its base and stretch energy code update process.  Massachusetts has amended its 8th edition of the state’s building codes and these have taken effect as of January 1, 2017.   The adopted code includes state amendments to the base energy code (residential and commercial) as well as an updated stretch energy code.  These codes will be enforced through local building inspectors throughout the Commonwealth. These codes and their updates are developed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, both residential and commercial, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits.


National Lumber is proud to partner with Sustainable Energy Analytics and Johns Manville to offer a free seminar to review and discuss these changes.  The 1-hour presentation discusses the new energy codes and their application to residential and commercial buildings, mandatory requirements, paths to compliance, and much more.  A social hour will follow and speakers will be available to answer any questions not covered during the presentation.


This seminar has been offered throughout December and January and have been very popular.  Another seminar is being planned for February.  While a date has not yet been set, contact Chris Kirouac at or call or text Chris at 508-509-9329 to be the first to receive details. Provide your email address and receive a registration invitation when a date is announced.

Check List for Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Mike McDole speaking to a guest at the EM NARI Networking Event

Mike McDole, Senior Vice President of Sales at National Lumber, speaking to a guest at the EM NARI Networking Event

On April 16, 2014, Kitchen Views at National Lumber and Allstate Glass hosted an EM NARI Networking Event at the Kitchen Views showroom in Mansfield, MA. Please check out Brandy Souza’s Kitchen Views blog posting for more information. There are lots of event photos available on our Facebook and Google+ sites.

Expired Certification – Don’t Risk It! Stay Educated Through Contractor Training.

construction builder holding his head in his hands looking worriedThe busy season is in full swing and the days quickly fill up with task lists for project at hand. Have you checked to be sure all of your safety licenses are up to date? If you know your license is coming up for renewal, be sure you have all your credits earned before you actually need them. It’s better to be educated with current information in case industry codes and safety requirements have changed or have been updated.

There is an array of training to choose from. Depending on what type of position you hold, will determine the training best suited for you. National Lumber regularly partners with industry renowned trainers in efforts to offer the best possible opportunities for your benefit. Our trainers have real world experience and are engaging and informative.

Shawn McCadden training a class at National Lumber in Mansfield, MA

The type of license you hold will determine which training you need and the amount of hours needed to renew your certification. Here is an example of the various licenses and requirements needed to renew each:

Unrestricted: Construction Supervisor License; 12 credit hours = 5 required topic credit hours and 7 elective

Restricted: One and Two Family License; 10 credit hours = 5 required topic credit hours and 5 elective.

Specialty Licenses: 6 credit hours = 5 required topic credit hours and 1 elective.

For more information on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts continuing education license regulations, please click here.

Feel free to visit our events and training pages on to read about our upcoming training classes. We welcome our newest trainer, Phil Sheehan of Construction Safety Institute of New England.

Be sure to bookmark our Training page and check back frequently to see the courses and trainers National Lumber is hosting. Sign up today for the classes you need to renew your license!

Massachusetts CSL Continuing Education Credit Requirement Details

Don’t worry about the new Construction Supervisor License Continuing Education Requirements for Massachusetts contractors! National Lumber will continue to sponsor and host upcoming training classes to help you meet these new requirements!

Click here to see the latest events that we are hosting or sponsoring.

Here is more information clarifying what the CSL CEU credits are, as well as how and why you need to get them.

Who it Affects: All Construction Supervisor License holders need this information, and need to take action to earn Continuing Education Credits which will be required for future renewals (read on for timing).

What? The Board of Building Regulations has announced Continuing Education requirements for the Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License. Licensees must provide proof of completion of required hours for every two year license cycle.

When? There has been some confusion and mis-information regarding the timing of the continuing education requirements.

If your next license renewal is between now and June 30, 2013, you will NOT need to provide continuing education hours when you renew next.

For license renewals July 1, 2013 and after, you WILL need to provide proof of continuing education (credit hours) at the time of renewal in order to be granted a renewed license.

Note that taking any courses now will “count” toward the first time you need to provide these credits. Courses must be pre-approved for credits and will indicate that when you sign up and attend.

How Many Credits/Hours?

  • Construction Supervisors License/ “Unrestricted”: 12.0 Hours*
  • The One and Two Family Dwelling (“Restricted”) License: 10.0 Hours*
  • The Specialty Licenses: 6.0 Hours*

    * Every Two Years at Renewal (see above dates)

What Categories?

Of the required hours, there are five mandatory topics, with a minimum of one hour required in each:

  • Code Review
  • Workplace Safety
  • Business Practices
  • Energy (except Demolition Specialty License)
  • Lead-Safe Practices (only first renewal cycle)

Where and How ?

To earn the required credits (CEUs), licensees must take courses that have been pre-approved by the state. The BBRS deems that approved courses must “impart appropriate and related knowledge in the regulated industries.” Students must attend classes in their entirety in order to receive the approved credits.

National Lumber is working with course coordinators approved by the Mass. BBRS, including the trainers from the Contractor Coaching Partnership, Conservation Services Group, CSI Institute, Safety Trainers, and others.

Some trade associations such as BAGB and NARI have also begun to offer programs that earn continuing education credits, and will continue to do so, offering multiple opportunities to earn all of the required hours at locations throughout eastern Massachusetts.

To keep up with the latest events eligible for CSL CEU credits, please join our email list.

National Lumber logo
National Lumber, Mansfield, MA

National Lumber and Contractor Education: “Perfect Partners”

We run a very comprehensive training program for our contractor customers at National Lumber and will continue to do so. The program started in full swing when the new Repair, Remodel and Paint programs were first being implemented in early 2010. We have always tried to fit in some training in the past, but never as in-depth since the RRP (lead paint program) started. There seemed to be so much confusion over what it would all mean and how it would affect our customers that we saw a great need as did many others in the industry.

We decided to host and sponsor a series of seminars from that situation but new rules and regulations have just kept “popping up” ever since then. New OSHA regulations and fall protection requirements, updates to RRP and the Mass. DOS entry into the program, Energy Star programs, new International Code changes, stretch energy code updates for Massachusetts cities and towns, and the “Granddaddy” of them all, the new Contractor Supervisor’s License requirements for Continuing Education Credits! How were our customers going to manage all of this and still run their businesses?

In addition to the trade organizations and private training firms, we felt that it was our duty to assist our thousands of remodelers, builders, developers, painters and many others on our customer lists. We are now the largest lumber chain provider of contractor training in the Northeast with over 20 full or partial day classes having been held or scheduled through January and February 2012. With many more programs planned in the future, we will continue to host these programs throughout 2012.

We want our customers to know that we do this as a service and do not benefit financially from these programs. We feel that the effort we expend to run these programs is for the benefit of our customers (and any non-customers who would like to attend). If there are any folks out there that would like be added to our mailing lists of upcoming programs please sign-up for our email list, giving us your permission to send you our event updates.

Note that any costs associated with these classes are paid to the trainers directly to compensate them for their time, trainers and materials costs and for them to keep your certification records. If any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Steve Linsky, National Lumber’s Contractor Education Coordinator at

Spring Vendor Days in Newton, MA Announced for 2011!

2011 National Lumber Newton, MA Spring Vendor Days Calendar

2011 Spring Vendor Days

National Lumber in Newton, MA is hosting a series of free vendor events in late April and all of May. You’re encouraged to join us for your morning coffee break at our Newton store from 7am–11am and meet product experts with their latest and greatest offerings. Coffee and baked goods will be provided.

There will be featured product vendors every weekday between April 25th and May 27th, 2011. National Lumber’s custom millwork division, National Millwork will be featured on April 25th. Also. National Lumber’s Engineered Wood Products division will be featuring the exclusive FLOOR-LOC System on May 27th.

Click here for a PDF of the complete calendar of vendor events, which is also available on the Events page on the National Lumber website.

National Lumber at 2011 JLC Live New England

2011 JLC Live

2011 JLC Live New England
Conference: March 23-26, 2011
Exhibits: March 25-26, 2011

Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI (map & directions)

The National Lumber Family of Companies will be in Booth #1226

Enter our prize drawings with your business card at our booth!

REGISTER TODAY! Receive complimentary exhibit hall admission (a $35 value)

When completing the JLC registration online, in the first section it asks how you heard about the event, click in “postcard” and enter the Promo code: GUEST

Register as many associates as you need using this promo code!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Builders Training Seminar – October 13, 2010

National Lumber recently held a FREE Builders Training Seminar on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 in a new training room above our retail store at 245 Oakland St in Mansfield, MA!

To see pictures from the event, visit our Facebook photo album.

Below is the agenda:

Builders Training Seminar Agenda
Wednesday, October 13, 2010, 8am to 2:30pm

Registration Sign-In – coffee and pastries provided

ENERGY STAR Update on V3 Details: This 3-hour presentation will be presented by Mike Berry and Greg Krantz of ICFI

· Why the change? A re-cap of ENERGY STAR Home’s value
proposition and history.
· Increased energy savings associated with ENERGY STAR
Homes V3 and its relation to 2009 International Energy Code.
· Establishing a V3 HERS Index Target for your new home
· ENERGY STAR V3 Checklist; detailed section reviews
· EPA support, training and commitment

Materials & Equipment for Lead Paint Removal Regulations, Presented by Dennis Brophy, President of “The Dust Doc”

Supplies and information on materials needed to conform to lead paint removal programs.

Lunch Break – a light meal will be provided

The Massachusetts Lead Law plus Legal Issues of Green Construction
Presented by Attorney Andrea Goldman

Great advice and updates on the Massachusetts state programs that involve Remodeling Contractors. Learn about the Massachusetts Lead Law, now referred to as “Lead-Safe Renovation” (no longer RRP). Next, explore potential legal issues with Green construction and the Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) Law.

OSHA in Contracting: The Lead Law
Presented by Attorney Jerry Solomon, OSHA expert

A brief presentation on OSHA in residential contracting and how it
relates to the Massachusetts Lead Law.

Open Q&A Session

It was a great turnout, especially on what was a beautiful day for building, and we hope to hold more of these informative events in the future!

September is Tool Month

Pneumatic Tool Division Event Photos

Each year, September is Tool Month at National Lumber, with special events at four of our locations – including free lunch. We will have great deals on tools, fasteners, and accessories, with special pricing every Friday in September at every one of our stores!

Our featured brands this year are Hitachi, Festool, Bostitch, Simpson Strong-Tie, Fein, and the HIDfast Decking System. You can click on any of the company names to learn more about each of them on our E-Showroom.

Special Events at 4 Locations
95 Pearson Blvd, Gardner, MA 01440 – Friday, Sept 3
15 Needham St, Newton, MA 02461 – Thursday, Sept 9 and Friday, Sept 10
245 Oakland St, Mansfield, MA 02048 – Friday, Sept 17
3356 Post Rd, Warwick, RI 02886 – Friday, Sept 24

You can learn more about this and other events on the National Lumber Events page. For more information, visit National Lumber’s Pneumatic Tools Division on our website or call Charles at 508-339-8020 x1217.

Navigating the Road to Green Building

Our seminar, Navigating the Road to Green Building, drew a full house

Our seminar, Navigating the Road to Green Building, drew a full house

National Lumber is a Certified Green Dealer, an FSC Certified lumberyard, and an EPA Lead-Safe certified firm. Through our Professional Remodelers Organization (PRO Force) program we provide various training seminars to our members and customers.

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 was National Lumber’s first ever green building seminar, Navigating the Road to Green Building. The keynote speaker was Peter Yost, Technical Director of Green Building Advisor, who gave a riveting presentation on how green building, building science, quality, and durability all go hand-in-hand. The image below was just one example given by Peter Yost of how ignoring building science results in failed structures. Peter explained how the various elements combined to cause this failure.

Rotted roof in the Northeast, caused by ignoring building science

Rotted roof in the Northeast, caused by ignoring building science

Next, construction law attorney Andrea Goldman discussed legal issues of green construction and how to protect yourself from the additional risks involved with proper contracts. She also touched on the new EPA lead law.

After a scrumptious dinner buffet feast, the seminar continued with Daniel Glickman of Sustainable Construction Services. He covered how to schedule and run green certified jobs through programs such as NAHB Green, LEED, and Energy Star. Daniel also discussed the importance of controlling your subcontractors. Some attendees expressed the difficulty of obtaining cooperation for the new requirements, such as documentation that must be completed and that waste must be properly sorted. Daniel said that compliance for these green programs can be attained by tying results to the subcontractors’ payment. Once everyone gets used to the new way of doing things, it will become standard.

Afterward, Greg Krantz of Massachusetts New Homes with ENERGY STAR® ( exhaustively covered the existing programs, rebates and incentives, as well as looking at the future of homes and energy codes.

National Lumber hopes to hold more of these seminar events in the future at minimal cost to contractors. Through these seminars you will be able to have the information you need to serve your customers better and apply building science principles for the long-term quality results that will bring your business continual referrals and repeat business.

To learn about National Lumber’s upcoming events, visit

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