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Founded in 1934, with ten lumberyards in New England, National Lumber has the experience and quality building materials you need for every project. Let National Lumber be the single source for all of your building and remodeling products. The National Lumber Family of Companies includes Reliable Truss, Pro Insulators, National MillworkKitchen Views, National Building Products, and Oxford Lumber — covering everything from the rimboard at the foundation to the roof shingles along with everything in between. Visit our websites to see all we have to offer.

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Did you know? Reliable Truss and Components has in-house design and engineering departments

reliable truss floor tracker truss assembly

Reliable Truss and Components, a division of National Lumber, has in-house design and engineering departments to work with you every step of the way from your initial quote to the final delivery of your product. When it comes to wood and steel trusses, structural components and custom prefabrication, our experts here at Reliable Truss have the ability to offer our customers efficient project coordination and higher quality and more feature-rich products than offered by our competitors. Our innovative processes allow us to provide exceptional service from “under one roof”.

“I wanted to extend my personal thanks to you and the rest of the folks at National Lumber and Reliable Truss for that fantastic tour. I found it to be a very valuable learning experience. While I was generally familiar with metal plate wood trusses, watching the actual manufacturing was quite an experience. I was very impressed by your plant and also by the sophistication of the MiTek software. Previously I was not aware how extensive a capability existed for pre-fabbing wall and floor sections. Again, the machinery and your plant were very impressive. For me the Alpine steel trusses were a complete revelation. In the past I had done some work with light structural steel trusses (angles, tees, and gussets), but these light gauge steel trusses are definitely something to look for a way to use. Thanks again.”  Thomas J. Vaughan Jr, P.E., GSC Engineering, Inc.

Our sales team is exceptionally versed with industry knowledge, and is here to assist you with choosing the components you need for your project and making sure your delivery is on time. Our registered engineers have the expertise to design the components you need for your project, all the while considering our environment, by practicing green building methods to minimize waste. The Reliable Truss facility is state-of-the-art, with fully integrated building industry modeling software to high production automated equipment, allowing us to provide customization and additional solutions to our customers.

If you work with a specific National Lumber representative, please ask about these products and services. If you don’t have a specific contact, you can email and we will have someone contact you.

Thank you for your business. We are honored to be your supplier for building materials and more!

The National Lumber Family of Companies

National Lumber's Family of Companies: National Lumber, Kitchen Views, Reliable Truss, National Millwork, Pro Insulators

It Takes Teamwork To Build A House

Custom-built home by Heritage Construction with pre-cut rafters supplied by Reliable Truss, a division of National Lumber

Custom-built home by Heritage Construction showing some of the installed pre-cut rafters supplied by Reliable Truss and National Lumber

Heritage Construction is building a custom home in Rehoboth, MA using pre-cut rafters from Reliable Truss and Components. Rob Longobardi is the framer in charge.

Bundle of pre cut rafters being lifted off boom truck to be placed on rooftop

Jesse M. of Reliable Truss drives the tractor-trailer containing the pre-cut rafters to the jobsite. National Lumber boom truck driver Brian L. out of the New Bedford yard will use the boom to move the materials to the roof area.

working together to using Moffatt to move rafters from the truck to the crane of the boom truck

It takes teamwork and communication to move materials safely and precisely

Jesse uses the truck-mounted Moffett to unload the materials and precisely place them where needed. In this case, he’s positioning the pre-cut rafters to be taken directly from the Moffett by the boom. The maneuverability of the Moffett allows him to drive forward or sideways as needed.

Brian expertly maneuvers the boom to take the materials from the Moffett and raise them to the framing crew that is waiting to receive them. He makes it look easy, but correctly balancing the weight of the load and accounting for the width of the load as he turns it all takes expertise earned through experience.

Installing the pre-cut rafters on this particular house will take about a week.

boom truck crane places the rafters on the rooftop where workers are ready with supports

Pre-cut rafters are placed on the rooftop with the boom

Reliable Headers

Click here for a Reliable Headers Informational PDF

With rising fuel costs and the growing “green” movement, preventing winter heat loss and summer heat gain in buildings is something that concerns everyone. Usually, people think about R-values in windows, doors and wall insulation, but the components used in new framed structures should also be considered.

National Lumber offers insulated headers through its manufacturing division, Reliable Truss and Components. Reliable Headers allow for more energy efficient buildings plus increase productivity during construction. Time will be saved in the elimination of making headers on site and in site clean-up. When you consider there is one less on-site insulation area multiplied by the number of openings, this can be a substantial savings.

Reliable Headers are available with engineered lumber as well as dimensional lumber. Insulated headers can be precision cut so they arrive at the jobsite ready to install. Click here for an informational PDF flyer. Energy conscious builders can’t beat these headers when they want to save money and have the job done right.

For more information, contact Kevin Silveira at 508-998-7877 x3213 or via email at

Green Growth Seen in Multifamily Building

Lexington Place at the Center - Lexington, MA

Lexington Place at the Center - Lexington, MA - From the Nauset Construction website (

This Lexington, Massachusetts project was featured in the June 2010 issue of Construction Executive Magazine. You can read the full article about this project here: Saving Green

Excerpted from Construction Executive Magazine, June 2010:

“Multifamily project developers nationwide are seeking contractors that can deliver projects quickly—and without a significant learning curve—to meet consumer demands for energy savings and sustainable features.

In Lexington, Mass., Oaktree Development partnered with a green-savvy design and construction team to deliver a project that would provide a healthy environment and convenient city access for the building’s occupants. Lexington Place at the Center, a luxury, 30-unit mixed-use project in Lexington, MA was completed last June and officially designated as LEED Silver in the fall.

Oaktree and the project team as a whole have been ahead of the sustainability curve, and it became evident that a lot of the green practices outlined by the owner would work well toward the marketability of the project and its LEED certification,” says Benjamin Goldfarb, vice president of Nauset Construction, Needham, Mass., which acted as construction manager at-risk for the job. Nauset met with the development and consultation team early in the game—attending several pre-construction meetings, town meetings and group discussions on green building system options.

The subcontracting team also guided materials selection and helped improve project efficiency, Goldfarb says. National Lumber, for example, produced wall panels offsite, leading to efficient delivery and no excess wood on the jobsite.

Workers installing the wood wall panels manufactured by Reliable Truss. Picture from Nauset Construction (

Workers installing the wood wall panels manufactured by Reliable Truss. Picture from Nauset Construction (

Reliable Truss, the wall panel and truss design & manufacturing division of National Lumber, manufactured the wall panels at their state-of-the-art facilities in New Bedford, MA. If you want to learn more about National Lumber’s green expertise and manufacturing capabilities, visit our Green Initiatives page or call 1-800-370-WOOD (9663).

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