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Congressional Support Means More Retrofitting Work on Existing Homes for Builders and Remodelers

National Lumber is pleased to relay this news from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB):

Congress Urged to Focus on Energy Efficiency Incentives for Existing Housing Stock

As the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hears testimony on a suite of energy efficiency bills, including legislation to make residential housing more energy-efficient, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) today urged lawmakers to take into account the differences in energy savings between the newest, highest-performing homes and older, less-efficient homes that comprise the vast majority of the nation’s housing stock.

“With substantial amounts of energy lost in the nearly 130 million existing homes in the current stock, it is extremely important to develop an effective national energy policy that is not punitive to consumers who benefit from the most efficient new homes,” Tony Crasi, a custom home builder from Akron, Ohio, told members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. “Rather, the policy must promote an effective retrofit plan for older, less-efficient housing that allows builders and remodelers to create the benefits of energy efficiency for all housing.”

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