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Did you know? Our insulation installers deliver outstanding results.

Closed cell spray foam insulation being applied

Closed cell spray foam insulation being applied

Pro Insulators delivers the difference between insulation products and outstanding results. Our insulation installers specialize in fiberglass battsblown-in fiberglass, and spray foam insulation. Having the right specialists on your team can keep a project running smoothly as they apply their specialized experience to your building project. Just as you have traditionally subcontracted work to a trusted plumber as part of your team, you can hire the insulation installers of Pro Insulators (HIC #161268), a division of National Lumber.

“I am an Energy Star builder and I use Pro Insulators exclusively because of their knowledge on what is needed to meet or exceed Energy Star levels. They are always on-time, the staff is courteous and professional, and they leave the jobsite very clean. They are one of the best subs that I have!” – Roger Lucier, RS Lucier Contracting

Building code compliance and OSHA safety compliance are met when you hire Pro Insulators. We have all the proper safety and work equipment. Most importantly, we are up-to-date on meeting codes for energy efficiency and current building standards. Whether your project is residential or commercial, new building or a retro-fit project, we have the products and installation expertise you need. Whichever type of insulation you choose, our professional team of experts will leave your jobsite clean and ready for your next phase of construction.

We’ll provide a free evaluation of your project and an estimate. Call 978-423-6051 today to discuss your project insulation needs. Then you can decide if it’s cost-effective to subcontract this work and leave yourself free to work on other items.

If you work with a specific National Lumber representative, please ask about these products and services. If you don’t have a specific contact, you can email and we will have someone contact you.

Thank you for your business. We are honored to be your supplier for building materials and more!

The National Lumber Family of Companies

IECC 2012 Energy Code vs Energy Star

A recent Green Building Advisor article entitled “Efficiency Programs Struggle to Stay Ahead of Energy Codes” brings up a very important question: are more builders going to opt for building the code-built home rather than the Energy Star home? The new IECC 2012 energy code is far more stringent than past codes and means that programs such as Energy Star now have to beat those performance standards by a good ten or fifteen percent. The question is, how far can those high-performance energy-efficiency programs go to keep up with the ever-growing stringency of the international codes?

It’s the International Code Council’s job to make sure that builders are building the best homes that they can, even by the bare minimums required by law. Many US states have already adopted the last version of the ICC’s code, IECC 2009, and have even added additional requirements on top of it. With the new IECC 2012 code now being released, it now falls on builders to build even higher-performing homes than ever before if they are to build a home with the Energy Star label on it. Of course, like any code, it falls to enforcement. Are states going to have raters as good and knowledgeable of those as Energy Star and Passive House?

The question we would like to ask you, our builders and remodelers, considering your own experiences with dealing with state energy codes and Energy Star, are you still going to pursue the Energy Star label if the IECC 2012 is adopted where you work?

National Lumber hosts training classes covering topics such as energy codes as a service to our customers. Our hosted sessions will end this month and we expect to begin again in the fall. We also inform customers about other training opportunities with BAGB, etc. Visit for more information.

Breakfast & Great Info at the ENERGY STAR Meet & Greets

On Wednesday, June 15th, National Lumber hosted a meet and greet with representatives from the Massachusetts New Homes with ENERGY STAR Program. We also held a second meet and greet at our store at 95 Pearson Boulevard in Gardner, MA (map) on Wednesday, June 22nd.
Massachusetts New Homes with Energy Star
About the Series:
The Lumber Yard Outreach series is a builder meet and greet style event designed to engage builders in a conversation about building with the Massachusetts New Homes with ENERGY STAR Program. The program is visiting lumber yards across the state from early May through late June. Since builder outreach is critically important to the program, the MA New Homes with ENERGY STAR program will be providing
  • a continental breakfast
  • knowledgeable staff to be on hand to talk to builders during the event
  • offer a new resource for builders to learn about the latest in building science and energy efficiency
You can learn more about Massachusetts New Homes with Energy Star on Facebook. Also, check out ENERGY STAR’s resources for contractors on their website. You can also find great information on training & certifications, incentives, and marketing opportunities on the Professionals section of the Mass Save website.We look forward to seeing you!

ENERGY STAR Stretch Code Classes in Mansfield, MA for Builders & Contractors

On Wednesday, June 22nd from 2-5pm, National Lumber hosted a free ENERGY STAR informational meeting, including important information about the Massachusetts Stretch Code for builders and contractors.

This meeting was be held upstairs at the National Lumber store & drive-thru lumberyard in Mansfield at 245 Oakland St (map).

Massachusetts New Homes with Energy Star

2:00 to 2:55 – Massachusetts New Homes with ENERGY STAR (Ian Buba, ICF International)

Learn how to earn rebates for building an energy efficient new home or addition.  This session will cover Program requirements, what rebates are available, and the process to follow.

3:05 to 4:00 – Understanding the Stretch Code (Mike Berry, ICF International)

The Stretch Code is now mandatory in over 85 communities in Massachusetts, including Easton and Medway, and several other communities are considering it, such as Bridgewater and Plainville.  Learn what the Stretch Code is and the best ways to meet the new requirement.

4:10 to 5:00 – The New National ENERGY STAR Program (Greg Krantz, ICF International)

The National ENERGY STAR Program is changing.  Homes permitted after April 1st will have to meet new requirements if they want to earn the ENERGY STAR label. Learn what it is all about.

You can learn more about Massachusetts New Homes with Energy Star on Facebook. Also, check out ENERGY STAR’s resources for contractors on their website. You can also find great information on training & certifications, incentives, and marketing opportunities on the Professionals section of the Mass Save website.

Energy Star and EPA RRP Update Meeting a Huge Success!

A great turnout of interested contractors

A great turnout of interested contractors

Our Energy Star and EPA RRP Update Meeting on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 was a huge success last week! We had an excellent turn-out of our contractor customers who want to stay informed. The Energy Star segment, presented by Mike Berry, was very informative, teaching the contractors how to improve their profits by building more energy efficient homes.

Mike Berry from Energy Star

Mike Berry from Energy Star

The EPA RRP rule has all the builders focused on complying with the new rules. But our guest speakers also explained how to improve the way they contain construction dust and make a healthier work environment for themselves. Dennis Brophy of Dust Door and Wall System showed containment equipment and explained its use for meeting the new regulations. Andrea Goldman, active NARI member and principal of the Law Office of Andrea Goldman in Newton, Massachusetts, gave a detailed update on the legal issues of the EPA RRP rule.

Dust Door Containment Equipment

Dennis Brophy of Dust Door demonstrating containment equipment

UPDATE 5-21-2010: Pictures now available on Facebook at this link!

Energy Star Milestone

Energy Star reaches a huge milestone: 1,000,000 Energy Star labeled homes in the United States! That’s a lot of energy-efficient homes! Read more about it here.

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