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Build More Profitably with National Lumber’s Precision End Trim Floor Systems

National Lumber & Boise-Cascade Precision End Trim Services

Want to save on time and disposal fees? With National Lumber’s Precision End Trimming Service we can now deliver framing to your jobsite ready to install, with mechanical holes pre-cut. This means less jobsite custom-cutting and lower disposal bills. We are currently offering this service at no extra charge.

  • Mechanical holes pre-cut
  • Inkjet-marked pieces
  • Framing placement plans
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Better inventory control
  • Delivered ready to install
  • Installs in less time

If you order both ends precision end-trimmed, joists can be dropped into place without further jobsite trimming.

Accurate Materials + Faster Framing + Lower Expenses = More Profit

Boise’s BC Framer® integrated floor framing software and National Lumber’s precision end trimming are keys to many new value-added services that can help you frame faster and more efficiently. Boise’s easy-to-use color-coded framing placement plans show where every piece goes. Placement plans also contain a complete bill of materials, a list of connectors required for the job, design loads, detail drawings, and 3D views to clarify the plan.

To learn more call 1.800.370.WOOD or visit You can also learn more about Boise-Cascade Engineered Wood Products on National Lumber’s eShowroom.

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