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Breaking News: House Committee Votes to Stop EPA Lead Rule Enforcement Without Reliable Test Kit

There’s big news in the building industry today as Congress voted in favor of an NLBMDA-approved amendment that will stop EPA Lead Rule enforcement until a reliable test kit is found and approved. Right now, many test kits on the market are returning as high as 60 percent false positives, costing too many contractors and homeowners alike time and money. This will also help buy more time for many more contractors to get EPA Lead Safe certified. It’s still best to practice lead-safe procedures, but for now, the EPA will not be handing out any fines.

Read the official release from the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA).

EM-NARI Attends Hearing Encouraging Assistance with RRP Rule in Massachusetts

Below is a link in follow-up to the recent RRP Hearing held on December 16.  EM-NARI members Shawn McCadden and Mark Paskell both attended to encourage adequate funding for the Department of Safety to administer and enforce the RRP rule in Massachusetts.

Happy Holidays!

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