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Leading the Way in Green Building

National Lumber is pleased to be involved with Green Life Smart Life in pioneering efforts to produce LEED-approved housing in New England. The innovative home featured shows how a real family can build in a smarter way that brings together green living, high-tech, and style.

Mike McDole, VP of Sales for National Lumber, points out that contrary to what most people think, the upfront costs added to a structure to make it more energy efficient and environmentally sound are actually minimal compared to the realized savings as soon as the home is occupied. For example, a 5% upcharge in the project can produce cost savings of up to 20% in annual energy savings or an average payback in 10 years while living in a quieter, more comfortable, healthier home.

The biggest challenge to suppliers such as National Lumber is “green-washing,” which is what corporations do to make themselves and their products look more environmentally-friendly than they really are. National Lumber has done the work to become FSC certified and a Certified Green Dealer. This means the staff is specially trained in green products, in addition to supplying them. Homeowners need to research their suppliers to be certain they are actually qualified to provide truly green products. The construction industry is still developing standards that must be met before a company can call its products “green”.  However, a few strong certification organizations such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), US Green Building Council, and NAHB’s (National Association of Home Builders) Green Building Program are making a difference.

Read Mike McDole’s complete interview at the link below, and look through the whole Green Life Smart Life website to see examples of how beautiful green living can be.

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