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Tax Incentive To Build Green

green building tax incentive helps put money back in your pocket

Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction puts money back in your pocket.

Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction

Have you taken advantage of the green building incentive yet? The Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction is set to expire on December 31, 2013. The program affords building owners deductions on qualifying energy-efficient upgrades done within the last six years. Real estate advocates are in the process of lobbying Congress to extend or expand the program. Read more about the green building incentive in this article by Bendix Anderson, NuWire Investor.

Have these deductions changed the way you or your clients plan buildings?

Real Benefits of Building “Green”

Over the past decade, we’ve seen some interesting developments in the building industry. One trend coming up steadily is “green” building. With a more health conscious society, making buildings with eco-friendly materials that are made for sustainability is becoming more widely accepted and encouraged. At first, it was a more expensive process than conventional non-green building, however, today the monetary playing field is beginning to level out somewhat.

By starting with a green thought process, the planning and design of the project can be tailored to include more efficient and environmentally friendly materials. There is more flexibility in purchasing green materials from vendors that have expanded their stock and adjusted pricing in order to offer these supplies more widely and readily.

Construction worker using green building materials

National Lumber offers a variety of green building materials for customers. Boise, Benjamin Moore, Centurion, Claymark and Guardian are some our featured product lines.

Builders, designers and consumers all have opportunities to benefit from this way of building and living. In an article on, different costs are evaluated and broken out visually to show the real savings that can be obtained by careful planning at the beginning of a building project.  Builders and developers may see the value in these buildings more quickly because these buildings usually command, and receive, a higher selling price. Owners of a green building will see savings on energy costs and tenants will feel happier and healthier knowing their space is good for, not only their environment; it’s good for their own health, as well.

We have taken a meaningful approach to implementing and practicing green methods in our own work environment by installing energy efficient lighting and converting office functions to paperless wherever possible. Read more about the green methods we utilize and materials we supply.

Do you use “green” elements in your building projects currently? Are customers requesting you to use green elements in their projects? Have you seen cost savings firsthand?

National Lumber

Shawn McCadden Encourages Training

“Who is looking out for you and are you looking out for your customers?”
by Shawn McCadden

The world of remodeling and building is evolving, changing and getting more complicated by the minute these days. Contractors, just to name a few areas, need to stay on top of the latest building code requirements, government regulations, products and building science.  Contractors need this information to protect their businesses from liabilities that could arise out of deficiencies or a lack of knowledge in any of these areas.  Here is another thing to think about.  Even if you are up to speed in these areas, what else do you need to know to attract and keep the right customers for your business?  Just as business owners and managers need the right information to make good decisions and do their jobs with confidence, consumers also need the right information so they can make good decisions and build or remodel with confidence.

It has been my experience that a certain few material suppliers, National Lumber being one, have recognized these needs for both the contractor and the consumer.   These suppliers have seen the mutually beneficial advantage of providing education as a way to help both contractors and consumers.  By educating their contractor customers with the right information in the right ways, not only does the supplier increase their potential to grow their own business, but that same education can help the contractor better educate their prospects in ways that help turn them into customers.

Smart building product suppliers are starting to see the advantage of “out-teaching their completion”.  By offering valuable education to their customers they stand out as a helpful, trustworthy and different than other suppliers.  As a natural consequence of doing so they are also building relationships.  This same tactic can also work for contractors.  Recent research indicates that consumers spend about two thirds of the total time they invest in researching a purchase before they are ready to speak with a sales person and make a decision.   Understanding this new reality, smart contractors are providing consumer education as a way to attract and impress prospects during these first two thirds of their process.  Then, when the consumer is ready to meet with a salesperson to finalize their decision making process and choose a contractor, these contractors stand out as a knowledgeable and reliable source to do business with.  Again, as a natural consequence, they are also building relationships.

There are many ways you can take what you learn at educational events and share the information with your clients and prospects.  National Lumber already has several such events listed on their web site.  The upcoming “Navigating the Road to Green Building” seminar being offered by National Lumber could be one of those events if you are or want to get involved in the green building market.  The list of speakers is impressive and I know my fellow NARI Members Dan Glickman and Andrea Goldman are both very knowledgeable and experienced.  If you attend, you could take what you learn and share it through your marketing pieces, on your web site, in blogs, at consumer seminars and or at sales calls.  Remember, try to make the information available in places prospects will find it during that first two thirds of their buying and decision making process.  If you do it right several things will happen.   You will peak their curiosity about your business. You will have already started building their trust and confidence in you.  And, most importantly, you will increase the odds they will call you to discuss their project.

Shawn McCadden is one of the most prominent figures in the remodeling industry. He speaks frequently at industry conferences and trade events, consults with remodeling companies and the supply chain, blogs, and writes an award winning monthly column for Remodeling magazine.  Shawn is one of the Remodeling industry’s leading authorities on the new EPA RRP rule.  Visit him at Visit his RRPedia Blog to find and share “contractor friendly” and timely information about the RRP rule.

Great Green Web Resources

Steve Linsky of our Remodelers PRO Force has provided these excellent Green building websites. Most of these sites have specific Green sections. – One of the best sites in the construction industry – Site for rebates from all sources – federal and state – Home builders’ Green web site – Remodeling industry web site – updates on laws and industry tips – Wood components manufacturing industry web site – Massachusetts Energy Star site – The latest in green news and recycling – fun site – Overall news for builders – Go to master ROI table for great return-on-investment tables – Great site, plus see the ECO labels 101: Green certifications explained – General how-to on Green products and installation – Site for LEED certification info, plus tons of other good info

You can follow Steve Linsky on Twitter @steveproforce and also now on Facebook at the PRO Force Facebook fan page.

Certified Green Dealer Program Launches New Website

The Certified Green Dealer Program, of which National Lumber is proudly a part, has this past week launched a brand new website. If you have any questions about green building, the certified experts at National Lumber can answer all your questions and provide you with the green building materials you need to meet LEED requirements.

But there is also a great page of green building links on the website that will be helpful to both contractors and homeowners.

Visit the Green Initiatives section of the National Lumber website for more information.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Energy Star Milestone

Energy Star reaches a huge milestone: 1,000,000 Energy Star labeled homes in the United States! That’s a lot of energy-efficient homes! Read more about it here.

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