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Wall Construction Comparisons to Meet New Insulation Code Requirements

There’s more than one way to meet the new R-19 wall cavity insulation code. The 7th Edition Building Code is being implemented in most areas of Massachusetts as of July 1, 2010. National Lumber offers four options for your consideration. Three options work with traditional 2×4 framing, to accommodate the way most builders are still constructing walls. The fourth option shows the new recommended 2×6 construction, which is actually the least expensive option when you consider the cost of materials.

Read all about the options and their estimated costs here: WALL CONSTRUCTION / INSULATION COMPARISON

Whichever you choose, National Lumber has the materials you need, at prices that will keep you competitive. Also, consider subcontracting your insulation work to Pro Insulators, a division of National Lumber. They offer expert installed insulation services for residential and commercial construction. Call Chris Kirouac at 978-423-6051 for a free evaluation and estimate.

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