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Massachusetts Stretch Code Towns Update

UPDATE (10/18/12): You can see the latest map, plus a complete list of the Stretch Code towns here.

As of 10/18/12, the Massachusetts state website now lists 122 cities & towns which have adopted the Stretch Energy Code. The Stretch Code movement is continuing to build momentum and will soon be in almost every town despite the added expense to the builders and homeowners.

Below is the current map of Massachusetts cities & towns that have adopted the Stretch Code. You can click on it for a larger PDF version of the map and list of towns that have adopted the Code so far.

If you work in these communities, and you’re looking for help with the recent stretch code changes, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can work with you to help! The expert insulation contractors of Pro Insulators are always ready to serve you for all of your insulation needs and stretch code questions. For more information, visit or call 978-423-6051.

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