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Shawn McCadden and NARI Seek Answers from the EPA

The renowned remodeling expert Shawn McCadden now has a section of his website dedicated to the EPA RRP situation. McCadden, Greg Antonioli of Out of the Woods Carpentry, and Mark Paskell of the Contractor Coaching Partnership are awaiting the EPA’s response to their questions. Be sure to visit the “News and Past Events” page on his website ( to keep up with the latest developments.

You can see his first post here: Eastern MA NARI Chapter tries to get their questions about the RRP answered by the EPA

Massachusetts Bureaucracy Joins the EPA RRP Enforcement Equation

Mark Paskell of The Contractor Coaching Partnership, a company specializing in EPA RRP training for contractors, has learned that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is stepping into the process begun under the federal government, and proposing to regulate this issue on the local level. It remains to be seen how this bureaucratic change would impact contractors in Massachusetts who have just completed their training and registration with the EPA.

We recommend that you follow Mark Paskell’s blog on The Contractor Coaching Partnership website to stay up-to-date on this important issue.

Read more here: Massachusetts Seeking to Administer and Enforce the EPA RRP Rule

The Proof is in the Paperwork

With the new EPA RRP rules coming into effect in just a month, nationally renowned remodeling expert Shawn McCadden has written a relevant blog post on Hanley Wood Remodeling’s website detailing how the new rules will be enforced. Remodelers should be aware that the EPA will be tracking compliance through the required documentation. Don’t expect them to drop by the jobsite, but have your paperwork ready at the office!

Check it out here: “The Consultant Who Cried Wolf

(Thanks to LeahThayer on Twitter for the heads-up)

New NARI “Tuffin’ It Out” Article

This week’s NARI “Tuffin’ It Out” article is an informative piece on Virtual Assistants (VA) and how they can help a small business owner to get help with important tasks while keeping costs down. Rather than hiring a full-time office assistant, the Virtual Assistant method allows for finding people with necessary specialized expertise such as newsletter writing, marketing or human resources knowledge, and paying only for the amount of time needed to perform a given task. Read the full article here: “Tuffin’ It Out: Virtually Solving Your Problems

Follow the rules, OSHA could be watching!

From Hanley Wood Remodeling:

A new era of enforcement puts even remodelers with longstanding safety programs and clean safety records at risk of receiving surprise jobsite visits – and subsequent fines – from the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

Mathematically, the fact is that the number of construction sites has decreased dramatically, while the number of OSHA inspectors is climbing…

“Falls and fall hazards are the biggest problem on construction sites,” Walterschied says, “so inspectors will spot ‘obvious fall hazards’ quickly, such as poorly built (or absent) scaffolds or guardrails. They’ll also look for ‘personal protection’ such as hardhats and safety goggles.”


Meet Success Face-to-Face

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s series “Tuffin’ It Out” continues this week with another success story. A remodeling expert has found that holding special social events at his company showroom is a fantastic way to meet with potential customers face to face.

Here is an excerpt:

Rick Bartelt has owned Bartelt-The Remodeling Resource for 26 years and continues to use face-to-face interaction with past, current and potential clients as the main driving force of business. “You cannot build a relationship with clients without the face-to-face contact, and social media and online interaction can’t beat a smile and a handshake,” he says.

To enhance your face-to-face meetings with clients seeking your services for a new kitchen, meet with them at a Kitchen Views showroom. Call 1-508-DESIGNS [508-337-4467] to arrange an appointment with a Kitchen Views designer. Our beautiful showrooms will provide inspiration and facilitate the design process. You can introduce them to the Kitchen Views designer they will work with on their project. It will give you the opportunity to show them cabinetry, countertop and decorative hardware selections. The designer will work closely with them on the details of their selections and provide you with the design plans. You then do what you do best, produce a beautiful kitchen.

Kitchen Views showrooms can also be the perfect place to hold a small social event. Call today to book the date you need at a showroom near you. Visit for more information.

Read more: “Nothing beats face-to-face interaction with clients

EPA “Lead Rule” Update

On April 22, 2010, the EPA’s new “Lead Rule” will come into effect, meaning that anyone who renovates structures built before 1978 will be required to have EPA RRP certification. Therefore, it is crucial that any renovator who is working on a structure built before 1978 in which lead paint will be disturbed must have “Certified Renovators” on the job site.

Please be aware that the cost of the training does not include the cost of the fee for the EPA certification. It takes the EPA about six weeks to process and approve certification, so it is vital to start the process as soon as possible.

There is an “opt-out” provision to the rule, however, to keep in mind. The rule will not apply if the renovator, after providing the “Renovate Right” lead safety brochure to the property owner, gets a signed pre-renovation form from the owner affirming that all of the following conditions are met:

  • They have received a copy of the “Renovate Right” pamphlet
  • The renovation will occur in the owner’s residence
  • No child under age 6 resides there (or visits/sleeps there regularly)
  • No woman who is pregnant resides there
  • The housing is not a child-occupied facility (Note: a child occupied facility is a pre-1978 building visited regularly by the same child, under 6 years old, on at least two different days within any week, for at least 3 hours each day, provided that the visits total at least 60 hours annually.)
  • The owner acknowledges that the renovation firm will not be required to use the work practices contained in the rule.

After April 22, the property owner will have the choice to request the renovator to use the work practices required by the lead rule, even if all the above criteria are met.

There will be a shortage of training availability as the deadline approaches. Don’t wait – find a trainer as soon as possible. Here are some helpful links to information you need to know.

The Steps to Lead Safe Renovation, Repair, and Painting (PDF)

– The brochure you must give to your clients: “Renovate Right” brochure (PDF)

– The EPA website section informing Contractors about the certification process, training providers and eligible courses.

(Special for NARI Members: NARI is offering a special discount to members for the EPA brochure “Renovate Right”. The deal is a package of 50 for only $39.95.)

Forensic Consulting to the Rescue!

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s series “Tuffin’ It Out” continues this week with a new success story, “Forensic Consulting Pays Off.” This is a story about remodeling expert Von Salmi (Von Salmi & Associates) from Westminster, MA who discovered there was a tremendous market in helping homeowners who are having trouble with their homes, whether they are issues resulting from the test of time or, in some unfortunate cases, from contractors who made mistakes.

Here is an excerpt:

“All remodelers have received those calls from distressed homeowners who are having issues with their homes. There are only three reasons for these problems: natural causes, like wear and tear, natural disasters or a mistake made by the previous contractor. Either way, some of these instances are serious enough that they are the subject of expensive litigation. Before that happens, an expert must assess the source of the problem, a service that continues to be in demand.

Von Salmi, principal of Von Salmi and Associates, fell into this line of work (known as construction forensic and expert witness testimony) by way of a past client.”

Read more here: “Forensic Consulting Pays Off

“Tuffin’ It Out”

Even with the economy struggling, there is still building going on. It’s all about discovering just the right opportunities: find a niche, serve the need.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry has a great series of articles “Tuffin’ It Out” about NARI members in the construction industry finding new and innovative ways to grow their businesses in this struggling economy. One remodeler has added consulting to his business model, assisting homeowners in assessing their remodeling needs, a service more important than ever in a world where homeowners need to know just what they need. Read about it more here: “Consulting Adds Profit, potential for more work

How are you “Tuffin’ It Out”? We’d love to hear about it.

Shawn McCadden’s Latest Blog Entry

Remodeling expert Shawn McCadden has a new entry on his Hanley-Wood Remodeling magazine blog about the new lead regulations, “On Lead, Abdication may not be an option.” Check it out.

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