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Best New Building Products of 2011: Therma-Tru Vented Sidelites

Therma-Tru Vented Sidelites

Therma-Tru Vented Sidelites

Therma-Tru’s new vented sidelites available for the Fiber-Classic Oak Collection and Smooth-Star product lines allow homeowners let fresh air into their homes without needing storm doors or sliding screens. The vented sidelites are comprised of either a single-hinged door and two-hinged sidelites, or a two-hinged French door and two-hinged sidelites.

One HousingZone editor said Therma-Tru says vented sidelites are the fastest-growing category in hinged patio and entry doors, and that they’re a great way to increase ventilation without impacting energy efficiency.

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Thanks to for their review of these vented sidelites!

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