Forensic Consulting to the Rescue!

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s series “Tuffin’ It Out” continues this week with a new success story, “Forensic Consulting Pays Off.” This is a story about remodeling expert Von Salmi (Von Salmi & Associates) from Westminster, MA who discovered there was a tremendous market in helping homeowners who are having trouble with their homes, whether they are issues resulting from the test of time or, in some unfortunate cases, from contractors who made mistakes.

Here is an excerpt:

“All remodelers have received those calls from distressed homeowners who are having issues with their homes. There are only three reasons for these problems: natural causes, like wear and tear, natural disasters or a mistake made by the previous contractor. Either way, some of these instances are serious enough that they are the subject of expensive litigation. Before that happens, an expert must assess the source of the problem, a service that continues to be in demand.

Von Salmi, principal of Von Salmi and Associates, fell into this line of work (known as construction forensic and expert witness testimony) by way of a past client.”

Read more here: “Forensic Consulting Pays Off

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